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ROWE Antifreeze - Hightec Antifreeze 1,5 litres - Enterprise Africa International - HIGHTEC ANTIFREEZE is a high-quality, nitrite, amine and phosphate free radiator antifreeze concentrate. It protects reliably against deposits and foam formation in cast iron and aluminum engines according to the manufacturer's instructions.
ROWE Antifreeze - Hightec Antifreeze AN-SF 12+ 1,5 litres - Enterprise Africa International - ROWE - Hightec Antifreeze AN-SF 12+, is a state-of-the-art, long-term radiator antifreeze concentrate on a monoethylene glycol basis. Nitrite-, amine-, phosphate- and silicate-free. It provides reliable protection for aluminium and cast iron engines.
ROWE Brake Fluid - Hightec Brake Fluid DOT 4 - 0,5 litres - Enterprise Africa International - HIGHTEC BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 is a fully synthetic, high-performance brake fluid based on glycols, with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors for hydraulic brake and clutch systems according to manufacturer instructions. It reliably prevents dangerous vapour lock due to additional reserves for the dry and wet boiling temperature. This brake fluid can be mixed with any other fully synthetic brake fluid.