Klingspor SK 500 Abrasive block, abrasive sponge for Paint, Varnish, Filler, Wood

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Thanks to its flat and upright design, it has four usable sides. This design makes this product exceptionally flexible during a large variety of applications. This abrasive block is equally popular with professionals and hobby users.

Its close coating and aluminium oxide grain are responsible for the outstanding stock removal rate of the SK 500. Better yet, this performance remains unchanged no matter if the abrasive block is used for work on varnish, paints or filler. The qualities of this abrasive truly come to the fore when it is used for fine sanding surfaces. Robust and washable, the material can be reused after every application. This ensures usability over a long period. The fields of application for which this abrasive block is an excellent option include the metalworking industry. Another highlight of this product is its competitive price.

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