Phoscabol - Calcium and Phosphorus supplement for dairy cows to prevent milk fever

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Diet-mineral feed for dairy cows for the prevention of milk fever.

Supplies calcium and phosphor with additional Vitamin D3.

One Carton contains 20 Boli.

Phoscabol: The mineral supplements for dairy cows is the combined Prophylaxis of hypocalcymie (milk fever/lying down) and phosphorus deficiency.

Effect: For the cow in the calving period, an increased risk for milk fever and other metabolic disorders exists. In this sensitive phase of milk fever prophylaxis the calcium bolus supports with phosphorus and additional Vitamin D3. The supply with phosphorus also resembles an increased requirement and also prevents a possible shortage of phosphorus.

Composition: calciumformat, calcium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, calcium stearate

Additives per kg:
nutritional additives: 150.000 I.E. Vitamin D3 (E671)

Analytical components: 24,5% calcium, 10,8% phosphorus, 0,8% magnesium, 0,1% sodium

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