ROWE Antifreeze - Hightec Antifreeze AN-SF 12+ 1,5 litres

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ROWE - Hightec Antifreeze AN-SF 12+, is a state-of-the-art, long-term radiator antifreeze concentrate on a monoethylene glycol basis. Nitrite-, amine-, phosphate- and silicate-free. It provides reliable protection for aluminium and cast iron engines.

-Complies with VW specification VW TL 774-F (G12+)
-Backwards compatible to the former VW specifications G12 and G11 (TL 774 C/D)
-Silicate-free additive technology
-Can be used in cast iron and aluminum engines
-Reliably prevents deposits
-Very good and durable corrosion protection
-Prevents cavitation
-Minimized foaming tendency
-Mixable and compatible with other antifreeze concentrates of the same specification.
- In order to obtain the full product advantages of HIGHTEC
ANTIFREEZE AN-SF 12+, a complete coolant change is recommended.

HIGHTEC ANTIFREEZE AN-SF 12+ was specially developed to meet the requirements of modern aluminum and cast iron motors. It reliably protects against deposits, as well as foam formation and thus ensures optimum heat dissipation. According to the manufacturer's instructions, it is used in many combustion engines.

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