ROWE Gear Oil - Hightec ATF 9000

Size: 1 litre
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HIGHTEC ATF 9000 is a high-performance ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) with an extremely wide range of applications in modern ‘stepped’ automatic transmissions. Its exceptional performance capacity is achieved through the interaction of the most advanced additives and specially selected HC synthetic oils.

-Outstanding ATF economy grade
-Elimination of incorrect scheduling
-Simplified warehousing procedures
-Excellent shifting characteristics at low temperatures
-Permanently high friction coefficient level
-The best wear protection properties for reliable operation and the longest service life
-Outstanding ageing and oxidation stability
-Minimal tendency to foam
-Reliable protection against corrosion, wear, sludge accumulation and adhesion
-Neutral behaviour towards gasket materials
-Miscible and compatible with other ATF.
However, in order to exploit the full product benefits of HIGHTEC ATF 9000, a complete transmission fluid change is strongly recommended.

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