ROWE Motor Oil - Hightec Multi SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30

Size: 1/2 litres
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HIGHTEC MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30 has been developed specifically for passenger car Otto and diesel engines with exhaust after-treatment (Diesel Particulate Filters = DPF), turbocharging and extended maintenance intervals (WIV/LongLife Service). It is based on a special composition made of HC synthetic oils and fully synthetic poly-alpha-olefins (PAO) in conjunction with the most advanced additive technology with low ash content. This premium product is able to achieve its high performance level due to the use of premium-quality raw materials.

 HC synthesis technology-based, premium rationalisation engine oil for car petrol and diesel engines with and without turbocharger including soot particle filter. 


-First-class economy grade for multi-functional use in diesel and Otto engines from different manufacturers

-The low sulphated ash, low phosphorus and sulphur content protects diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters

-It guarantees the longest service intervals of up to 50,000 km (dependent on the model/pay attention to the maintenance computer)

-Fuel economy due to low-viscosity characteristics

-Highest oxidation stability due to a special base oil composition made of HC synthetic and fully synthetic PAO base oils

-Safer year-round operation due to outstanding viscosity-temperature behaviour and high shear stability

-Stable lubricating film, even with hot oil and under excessive loads, and the best wear protection

-Reliable protection against corrosion and black sludge

-Low oil consumption due to a very low evaporation loss

-Miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic engine oils.

However, in order to exploit the full product benefits of HIGHTEC MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30, a complete oil change is recommended.

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