ROWE Motor Oil - Hightec SYNT RS DLS SAE 5W-30

Size: 1/2 litres
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 HIGHTEC SYNT RS DLS SAE 5W-30 is a specially developed engine oil based on selected HC synthetic technology with premium, multi-grade, low-viscosity engine oils for modern passenger car Otto and diesel engines with exhaust after-treatment (diesel particulate filters) and turbocharging, including a soot particle filter. This premium product is perfectly suited as a rationalisation oil according to manufacturer specifications.


-First-class economy grade for multi-functional use in diesel and Otto engines from different manufacturers

-The low sulphated ash, low phosphorus and sulphur content protects diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters

-Hinders the formation of deposits in the engine. As a result, it guarantees first-rate operational safety performance and low maintenance costs.

-Low oil consumption due to a very low evaporation loss

-Good cold-starting properties and rapid engine lubrication

-Miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic engine oils.

However, in order to exploit the full product benefits of HIGHTEC SYNT RS DLS SAE 5W-30, a complete oil change is recommended.


HIGHTEC SYNT RS DLS SAE 5W-30 has been developed specifically to meet the needs of modern petrol and diesel vehicles. It meets the requirements of many vehicle manufacturers and the ACEA C3 concerning a so-called low ash product. It is used in vehicles equipped with Otto and diesel engines, with or without exhaust after-treatment systems (DPF = Diesel Particulate Filter), according to the manufacturer’s specification. It is therefore equally suitable for vehicles with or without turbocharging. In BMW vehicles, it is backward compatible with former specifications such as BMW LongLife-01/98. It covers the former specification GM-LL-A-025

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