ROWE Gear Oil - Hightec Topgear SAE 80W-90

Size: 5 litres
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 Multigrade, EP gearbox oil of performance rating API GL-4. Multi-functional use in manual and steering gearboxes, as well as for axle gears subjected to normal loads in passenger cars, heavy-goods vehicles and buses.


 -Outstanding protection against wear and corrosion as well as good compatibility with non-ferrous metals

-Extremely stable to shear stress - ‘Stay-in-grade’

-Stable lubricating film, even with very hot oil and under very high loads. As a result, reduced wear and lower gearbox noise

-The favourable cold viscosity in comparison with SAE 90, 85W, 85W-90 oils ensures improved shifting ability, faster lubrication and lower ‘cold wear’

-Suitable for non-synchronised and synchronised gearboxes

-Miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic gearbox oils.

However, in order to exploit the full product benefits, a complete gearbox oil change is recommended.

Click here to view ROWE safety data sheet

ROWE Products are available in bulk only - Please contact for bulk prices.

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