Starlinger Printing machine - dynaFLEX DX

R 80,000


Printing machine - dynaFLEX DX

This roll-to-roll printing machine for coated and uncoated fabric combines outstanding print quality in 4 or 6 colours with a maximum of product flexibility. The same printing cylinders are used for varying bag lengths, which makes the dynaFLEX ideal for small to medium lots. Easy touch screen operation, chambered doctor blade system for sharp printing with minimum ink consumption.


  • One fixed printing cylinder per color deck: no storage, no maintenance - and no purchase costs for additional printing cylinders
  • 180 meters per minute production capacity*
  • Infinitely variable repeat length
  • Dynamic and flexible printing concept
  • Worldwide proven direct drive technology
  • High efficiency and minimum waste due to semi-automatic roll change
  • Color-saving doctor blade system
  • Perfect process printing (coated fabric)

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