Ziehl-Abegg Axial Fan FN040-VDK.0F.V7P2

R 1,944.85


Article Number: 155883

Type: FN040-VDK.0F.V7P2

Designation: Axial Fan with sickle blades


Features: Low operating costs due to optimum efficiency with minimum noise levels, high flexibility due to 100% speed controllable volume flow rate, smooth running & long service life, compact dimensions for every installation, compliant with ERP directive 2015, numerous approvals. 

Rated values:

3~400V±10% D/Y 50Hz P1 260/180W

0.50/ 0.29A ∆l=0% 1340/1020/min COSY 0,77 70℃

3~400V±10% D/Y 60Hz P1 360/200W

0,59/ 0,32A ∆l=0% 1470/ 940/min COSY 0,88 PsF max. 95PA 55℃

3~460V±10% D/Y 60 Hz P1 390/240W

0,58/ 0,34A ∆l=5% 1560/1090/min COSY 0,84 PsF max.100PA 55℃

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