Infrastructure development of South African ports Mossel Bay, Saldanha and Cape Town

New investment in South African ports

As part of an investment programme, the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has announced that it will invest ZAR 16.1 billion (approx. € 920.5 million) in the South African ports of Mossel Bay, Saldanha and Cape Town.

The investment programme will see ZAR 2.2 billion invested in the Port of Mossel Bay, ZAR 8.4 billion in the Port of Saldanha and ZAR 5.5 billion in the Port of Cape Town over the next seven years.

TNPA investment targets

According to Phyllis Difeto, TNPA managing executive of South Africa's Western Region, the investment plan demonstrates TNPA's commitment to successfully implement its 2021 redesigned operating model.

The goals outlined include prioritising capital projects to create future capacity as well as immediate improvements in port efficiency.

In this regard, Difeto expressed confidence that the implementation of the port infrastructure and superstructure development plans will lead to increased efficiency. The TNPA recognises the need to increase investments compared to previous years.

Planned investments

For the current financial year, TNPA has planned investments of ZAR 452 million in the three ports.

  1. Mossel Bay

In the port of Mossel Bay, the investments for 2022/23 mainly include the renovation of the slipway and sheet piling work on quay 3 for approximately ZAR 10.2 million. In the next seven years, the port and quay 4 will be deepened and the harbour dam will be extended.

  1. Saldanha

Investments in the Port of Saldanha amounting to ZAR 182 million for the year 2022/23 are already underway and include the purchase of a tugboat, the construction of a perimeter fence and the provision of a high capacity power system. Other investments include the expansion of berth 205, construction of berths and the rehabilitation of the main harbour causeway and stone revetment of the causeway.

  1. Cape Town

Developments under this year's ZAR 260 million investment plan for the Port of Cape Town include the procurement of a helicopter and the replacement of two tug boats. This will be followed by phase 2 of the container terminal expansion and the purchase of ten dry cranes.



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