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About Enterprise Africa

Enterprise Africa is an online B2B eCommerce platform that focuses on bringing quality brands from all over the the world to African markets. We strive to become a leading B2B multi-industry marketplace in Sub-Saharan Africa by creating a safe and convenient way for B2B wholesalers to conduct transactions online. 

Our mission is to assist both foreign sellers and African buyers to engage in safe B2B wholesale transactions. 

Why Buy from 

Enterprise Africa aims to provide your buyers with a wide range of quality products across multiple industry sectors sourced from a diverse range of markets. We guarantee quality products and excellent service.

When shopping on Enterprise Africa, you are able to browse a wide range of products from trusted international suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers. 

Why Sell on

Enterprise Africa is a perfect solution for foreign and local suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers who are interested in selling their products to B2B wholesale buyers in African markets.

While acting as an online distributor, we ensure minimal risk whilst growing your company's brand recognition and trust in your products. Your products are expertly marketed to your target customers through strategic digital campaigns. Sellers also have the option of storing their products in a local warehouse or dropshipping your products according to the incoming orders. 

In cooperation  with the Swiss Business Hub Southern Africa

The Swiss Business Hub Southern Africa is the Pretoria-based representative of the official international trade and investment promotion agency Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). Part of the Embassy of Switzerland in Pretoria, it is responsible for implementing Swiss export strategies in Southern and Eastern Africa.

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Enterprise Africa International is part of the InterGest group of companies with memberships in various industry associations.