Webinar - E-Commerce in Africa & Opportunities for Dutch Companies

On Tuesday, the 31st of August 2021, Enterprise Africa International hosted another successful webinar that focused on the market opportunities for dutch companies in the African E-Commerce space.

We would like to thank our Co-Host, The Southern African - Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, as well as the various Industry associations and their top – class speakers for sharing valuable insights into Africa's top industry sectors and the opportunities that it presents to Foreign companies that wish to enter African markets.



E-Commerce in Africa has been growing steadily over the past years. The Covid-19 Pandemic only benefited this growth to be even stronger. In African Business Hubs, E-Commerce is expected to grow by 20%-30% annually. European companies can benefit from this by exporting quality products to African markets, among others, and contribute to the growth of the markets while profiting from it.

Watch our recorded webinar for more information on Africa’s E-Commerce space, South Africas top industries, logistics and more!

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