Bubble 90 - Extreme Water-Saving Nozzle

R 2,154.46


The Bubble90

Water-saving nozzle designed to meet the fast-paced needs of industries like catering, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and others.


Conserves up to 95% water, significantly improves cleaning power, and requires no electricity.

A leader in Japan’s water-saving market, the Bubble90 uses patented Pulsation Flow Technology which reduces water flow by up to 95%. This makes washing and cleaning much easier compared to normal faucets. Thanks to this technology, the Bubble90 only utilises about 10% of the normal water flow, achieving a flow rate of roughly 2L/m.

The Bubble90 is popular amongst establishments that use a lot of water in their daily activities. Users have achieved significant cost savings in their water usage, which is why it has been adopted by most of the biggest restaurant chains in Japan.

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