Selling your products in South Africa is worth considering for many international Ecommerce sellers. A well thought out international sales strategy should help you overcome the initial burden of translating and localizing your online store tp accommodate African markets.

If you’re a global supplier/ manufacturer/ wholesaler wanting to export to South Africa, we can help you with your sales figures. 

Listing your products with Enterprise Africa:

All you need to do is register as a seller with Enterprise Africa Intl, we will upload your product images and take them to the relevant market/ buyer.

For the purposes of maintaining the Enterprise Africa e-commerce platform, management of online transactions and ongoing support for you and customers, we require a once off set-up fee for the uploading of images and product descriptions. A minimal monthly retainer will include inventory management, search engine optimization, marketing and ensuring product relevancy. Africa Enterprise will empower our clients by leveraging our ability to reach every part of Southern Africa to ensure your products reach where your customers are.

Once your product has been successfully sold on the Africa Enterprise e-commerce platform, we will claim only 15% of your VAT inclusive price for each product sold. Once a sale is made and to ensure that you remain in control of your business, a notification will be sent to you / or your preferred logistical partner in real time for you to start preparing the order for shipment to the buyer. NB: we only claim the 15% commission when the sale has successfully been processed.

New Market Entry Benefits

To increase your success through our experience and existing network, safe market entry and brand positioning/marketing strategy.

  • No Need to incorporate a subsidiary to have a local presence
  • No need to employ local staff in Africa
  • No risk for your staff in unknown territories and markets
  • We offer market research
  • Marketing done on your behalf - Create localised and dynamic advertising, leaflets, etc.
  • Brand Strategy; new or relaunch of the brand – increase brand awareness

Value-add on Services:

  • BBBEE representation - One of the biggest benefits of having a BBBEE supplier / importer is being able to conduct business with government sectors (including municipalities) and public entities. Being BEE compliant means you will not miss out on prospective business from companies wanting to deal with only BEE compliant companies. It could also mean you gain business from non-compliant competitors.
  • After sales service:. After sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer referrals. It generates loyal customers and increase a brand value – a very important element for foreign companies entering Africa for the first time. The After sale services include follow up calls, product installation/maintenance servicing and even trouble shooting.
  • Logistical assistance – as specialists in bringing brands to Africa, we have special relations with various logistical partners. As a supplier of Enterprise Africa Intl., you have the flexibility of using your own preferred supplier or outsourcing the shipping and logistics to one of our recommended Logistic service providers.

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