Kaltech Neck Pendant

R 1,817


Kaltech's proprietary photocatalyst technology decomposes airborne odor, harmful substances, and viruses and purifies the air. The volume of air a person breathes per minute (approx. 7 liters) is designed to accumulate around your face.“My Air” Neck Pendant a wearable device that cleanses the air around ones face when seated, dissolving airborne viruses and bacteria. It is commonly used by commuters in public transport (buses and trains), in the office (particilarly effective for front-line workers), and indoors (cinemas, restaurants, classrooms, etc). It comes in 3 fashionable matte colors (white, bronze, and black).
Power supply (Lithium-ionbattery): 3.7V1500mAh 5.6Wh
Charging duration: Approx. 4hours
Operational time when fully charged: Approx. 8hours
Operating temperature range: 0℃(32°F)~40℃(104°F)
Rated power: Approx. 1.5w

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