Mann+Hummel: BIO-CEL® Waste Water Treatment

R 30,000


The BIO-CEL® configuration is based on flat sheet technology, with crossflow eliminating clogging and reducing downtime. The module´s open top and bottom channels reliably prevent the deposition of sludge and fiber accumulation during the continuous crossflow process. The self-supporting structure of the membrane module enables frame-free installation, thus eliminating blockages around the external boundaries of each component. The membrane module is configured to allow for consistent permeate flow and a highly effective backflush over the entire membrane surface. In summary, the BIO-CEL® offers high packing density with optimal purification.


  • Physical barrier for the retention of solids and bacteria
  • Module design is unsusceptible to braiding/sludge deposits
  • Backwashable with filtrate or with chemicals if required
  • High packing density
  • Low energy demand » reliable performance
  • Self-healing membrane laminate
  • Fine bubble aeration
  • Mechanically cleanable

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