Poly Glu - Water Purification Flocculant

Size: 20 KG
R 12,533.41


What is it?

Poly Glu is a kind of flocculant that has both organic and inorganic characteristics of flocculants. It is made of organic cross-linked polyglutamic acid and inorganic substances such as calcium compounds. Compared to other flocculants, it has multi-functional effects, so it can be used for the purification of various types of contaminated wastewater.


Appearance: Gray-white powder
Applications: To be used in treatment and processing systems of tap water, sewage, industrial wastewater, polluted rivers, lakes, ports, etc.
Features: Easy to be used across wide ranges of water concentrations, pH levels, and temperatures. Water treatment can be carried out within a short period of time as the floc forms and settles out quickly.

Special features:

• Fast formation of flocs and their precipitation
• Can be used for a wide variety of pH (4 - 12) water
• Small changes in pH compared to other flocs
• Safety has been confirmed by several examiners at the institutions recognized by the environment ministry
• Can effectively remove heavy metals in water
• Can reduce the cost of sludge treatment since the proportion of water in flocs is quite low
• Can be used in conjunction with other flocculants, such as PAC

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