Plus Moist - Wound Dressing

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Plus Moist is a non-adherent Japanese wound dressing which is best suited to traumatic wounds (burns, surgical wounds, etc.) and chronic wounds.

Wound Healing Mechanism

In order for a wound to form new skin tissue, new cells need to form. Cell growth thrives in moist conditions. This means that in dry environments, cells do not grow and tend to typically be destroyed.

So, how do you create a moist environment?
When wounded or burned, the body produces a fluid at the wound’s surface, which is called an exudate. In the past, and even today, we have thought that this transparent liquid
secreted from the wound surface is dirty, smelly or even a problem. This is incorrect!
Exudate naturally produced by our body when we are wounded contains cell growth factors. Cell growth factors strongly promote cell division. Exudates are the most useful element for the human body to heal wounds.

The benefits of using Plus Moist are:


  1. Wounds heal three times faster. This is because wound cells grow strongly, and the wound heals rapidly.
  2. Less pain. Plus Moist prevents pain as the nerve endings are not exposed to air and are protected by exudate.
  3. Less scaring. The formation of a crusty scab is prevented by the use of Plus Moist. Scabs increase the risk of scarring.

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